Living in New Orleans, there are few things more intimidating to me than the all out decorations people put up during the holidays. I mean, I’ve lived near St. Charles the entire time I’ve been here…there’s just no competing with those guys! The lights, the trees, it’s a downright murderers row of the holiday spirit. Still, the folks here at Couchster have gotten the decorating bug, and so I’m proud to announce that just in time for the holidays, Couchster’s going to be rolling out a beautiful, brand new design over the next few weeks!

But it gets better. We know you guys want more than just a pretty face. That’s why our new design is a cutting edge style designed to work with any device. Want to check out the site on your phone? A tablet? Need to keep it as a small window so the boss doesn’t notice? No matter how big or small your screen is, no matter what kind of browser you’re using, Couchster’s new design will respond to create the best view in the house, just for you.

Consider it Couchster’s present to you this holiday season!


The first menus of December are in! Hevin, Le Citron, Nile Ethiopian, Cafe Amelie, The Munch Factory, and Dmac’s Bar and Grill have all been added!

Today’s new menus include FredRicks Deli, Please-U-Restaurant, The Wandering Buddha, Between the Bread, Jimani Lounge, and Café Dauphine. You can also search for menus by neighborhood now, so if you’re looking for restaurants in Uptown, the Central Business District, or wherever you may be, just type in your neighborhood in the search bar to see all the menus we have in that neighborhood. As always, let us know if you have any requests!